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Security Resource

Security Resource

Useful Readings about Computer and Internet Security

It is vital to successfully defend from online attacks that could result in malfunctioning computers and mobile devices, identity theft, or loss of valuable data. Malicious viruses can attack your computer and compromise your sensitive data, unless you take the steps to protect yourself. The best defense against damaging viruses and malware is a combination of your own knowledge and powerful security software to protect you from such. Protection software will help identify malicious software and phishing sites. There are a lot of phishing sites set up to look like real organizations, but that are used to commit online fraud. Websites of other type will offer a free download that will carry an infection for your computer, including ransomware. Protection from these sites is aided by Norton products; however caution on the part of the user is still essential. Our Online Security Center can help you understand how to prevent malicious attacks, and get the most out of Norton Security and how it can be used to help protect you from identity theft. Protection software such as the products from Norton can be used to better guard your identity online. While logging onto a website, shopping online, or conducting business online, you can share data safely, knowing that you have the best protection and support possible.


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