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About web site, about its mission, what it offers, and how it works


Norton360 web site is run by CASCA IT GLOBAL LLC. advertising company. The relationship with Symantec Company is maintained through their affiliate program of which we’re proud members since the very first day when the program was established. Norton products are marketed via this web site in multiple countries across the globe.


Our mission is to provide reliable information about Norton Security related products, and to help visitors and prospects decide on which variation of Norton Security fits their needs the best. For this purpose, we have built a specific page that compares Norton Security editions. We also compare Norton Security to other Norton products.


In addition to providing product information, we maintain our Norton Security FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, where our visitors have an opportunity to ask questions to which we provide answers by posting them right on the FAQ page. Please note that we’re unable to answer all of the questions, but only those that fall into FAQ category. We’re also unable to provide support for which Symantec should be contacted directly via chat or phone. provides instant discounts and coupons as they are made available to us. We work hard on informing our web site visitors about Norton Security products properly, so they can make the right decision afterwards. In exchange, Symantec provides us with exclusive instant discounts and coupons which otherwise would not be available to respective potential or existing customers.
Discounts are announced at Norton Security main product pages, together with coupon discounts, if available. Information about coupons is also maintained at our Norton Security Coupons page. The availability of both instant discounts and coupons differs from market to market.


We’re proud of the fact that we have an opportunity to market a brand such as Norton by Symantec.